Put simply, Zaawia

views your business in a light never imagined before.

We’re a creative digital agency located in London, United Kingdom. A Digital Agency Engrossed On Idea, Artefact, And People. Our superiority guidelines apply also in periods of service, professional capability, and advice.



Zaawia’s philosophy centers on breaking industrial norms and helping businesses leave unique footprints in an ever-changing digital world.

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Our Mission

Zaawia’s mission is to make it easy for businesses to step into the world of digital technologies, whether they’re just starting out or already established.

Navigating the Digital Frontier with Expertise.
Empowering Your Digital Success Story.

Our Vision

Since day one, we've been all about helping our clients find great solutions for their businesses.

We make brands and digital stuff that people remember. Every year, we get better at what we do, and our experience helps us make products that are just right.

What Does Zaawia Mean To Us

Zaawia is a perception where we empower our team members and supporting our communities towards:

Better Technology

Business With Perks

Business Champions

Have Balanced Life

Whether you are a big company looking to enable your enterprise processes or a
two person start-up making the next big social-impact ,

Our sole motivation is to help you deliver your innovation.

Our rapid prototyping methodology, our proprietary internal tools, our
mobile app frameworks and our years of design and
development experience are at your beck and call.

We call it Innovation As A Service.

We work with partners
from all over the world

Meet the Team

Our Journey


Launched In Saudi Arabia

Started operation in KSA Region


Head Office In UK

In October 2020, we moved our corporate head office in the street of business hub London.


While Enroute

Throughout our journey, we have joined forces with diverse multi-national corporations to work with the vision to make a smarter globe through means of revolution and technology.


The Beginning Of The Road

We started our journey as a freelancer in 2012 and officially register our company in 2017 with the vision to bring innovation to the IT service industry.